Dealing with a world economy

qualityWelcome to the new world marketplace!…

I once had great fear of the idea of competing with places like China. They can make a hat, embroidered on 4 locations, with a sandwich bill and use “puff” embroidery and do it for $2.75 each.  If I create that same hat, even if I give my employees the day off and do it myself, I would have to sell it for $12!

So, now what?  I can’t compete….well, at least not there, but what I do is what every successful and imaginative entrepreneur has done in the last 200 years…do things better, or faster.  I have ways to outshine these guys.  I can do this job, say it is 300 of these hats, in 2 days if needed where as China might take up to a month or more.  I also have some leverage if anyone believes in “buying local”.  I don’t expect people to buy from me for that reason alone. If all things remain the same and I’m outrageously higher priced, I’m not getting the work. But what I have to do is show why it is better to buy from me. for one thing, I can provide personable service, create custom designs with a personable insight into what a customer needs. One thing for sure, with regard to these hats and many other products is that I can definitely create a much better hat.  Quality of custom work, on a quality item is more important to some than price. If you want your company to be represented by giving away a cheap product that will not last, that may backfire!.  That’s why I don’t sell the cheapest pens I can get.  They skip, maybe write a few weeks, then they are thrown out.  I would rather you buy a pen that people will love to use!  It becomes their favorite pen!.  The pens I give away at Dezine Line are around $.60 each, but they write great.  (I have people, believe it or not, stop by to say “hello” just to nab another one!).

Quality Rules.

Every vendor, world wide, has its place.  Once I found my niche, I have no fear.



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