Small steps

I used to be able to just hang freshly printed tee shirts on the fence in front of my house and have people pull over and ask me to do their shirts. Ahhh….so simple. Like the old days, you walk past a farm with a table out front displaying vegetables and you just pick up a bag full and pay them for it. No SEO or billboard on the highway. Well, “poof” those days are ancient history. I could still sell a few things that way, but we need VOLUME to support the whole infrastructure that is our business. Complex, detailed and multi layered in scope, business requires an aggressive plan to rise above the whole endless sea of competitors. I have much to learn, but instead of stressing about what I am not doing I have decided to take small progressive steps. I have to learn as I go, and just forge ahead. Isn’t that the way any great work or goal is established?


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