Small Business…who’s got time?

I see I have been very consistant in posting to this blob…once a year, in February, weather I need it or not!  This year I am early. I think wearing 15 hats and trying to make it in business has to be one of the most difficult things in the world. I know housewives have it rough, not intending to dis them, but the challanges of a small busines are ginormous!. You have to keep production running, and be top quality, you need people, but not to many people or your payroll will be to high to support. You have to ask the world of the employees you have, and you can’t give them much …or in my case..any raise…so they are not elated about the job!  Nope. It ain’t easy being me!

 This year I am really thinking outside the box…and the things I am coming up with require me to exercise something of mine that is a bit flabby…guts.  I need to see clear on my decisions, make time to evaluate them… make the decision, and push forward.  The ideas I have to grow my business involve creating a company that has no limits on production, can handle any and all jobs, and still be creative and personable.  Many just want product and no chit chat.  We can do that with my plan.  Time is insanely precious.  We all look back and say ..”I wish I..”  I hate that feeling. I am making attempts to spend time with the wife and kids, go to some places I have not been to, that are in the budget, and keep my business fresh and relevent.  I have ideas, and it takes ideas and action to make change.  It is real simple to say and not do, but think about it…we all have 24 hours in a day, and only X amount of years… that isn’t going to ever change, so we have to.


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