Network Hogs

In business for 27 years, I have learned who to hang with and who to distance myself from.  I like good networkers better than the network hogs, and I like, (no news flash here), positive energy peeps  more than the dreaded energy suckers.  As a result, I figure others like the same thing, so that’s what I strive to be.  I want to learn about your business, and I want to do or say something to encourage you and direct someone to you.  That is good clean fun!   I think that the reason people are self absorbed when it comes to networking, is that they are not confident.  They may be in business a short time and lack confidence in their business, or they may just be insecure in who they are.  I’m no expert, just a thought.  So let me help you if I can.  I know you will learn about me, and I know who we are as a company, and myself as a person.  You will like me!  (LOL) …if you have any good taste at all.


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