Not a time for the faint of heart when it comes to promoting yourself.

I know this has been said before, but let me reiterate.  Market share is smaller, but there is still work to be had. If other companies fall out of customer view due to financial concerns, your promotional efforts will become larger.  Promote smart, keep costs lower, but get your name out.  It seams like we need to place dozens of ads these days, right?  It used to be, place the ad in the Yellow Pages, hang a shingle out for name recognition, and we’re off.  Now we have all the phone books, the online versions of YP and some competitors. (can’t drop out of one, because a competitor may snag all of those leads!). We have to be seen in a google search, as well as Yahoo, etc.etc. We also have companies on line that do stuff like us for 1/3 less!! Come on, what do we do to be seen?  The answer is meeting people, and getting your name out, in a careful and stratigic way.  At Dezine Line,our promotional products can be had for a little cash, but how they are distributed by you is critical and key. Try to use them to get introduced to buyers, key decision makers,  Stay positive, and tell yourself there is no alternative during these down times.  The media builds up the negative, stop reading the papers and be a part of the positive, upbeat businesses.  It may not turn the tide, but it will reflect in your conversations with potential customers.


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